Q: Why do children need to do soccer in early age?
A: It has been shown us that children who play soccer since young age has got benefits on their developmental, such as improve physical coordination, concentration, mental acuity and social skills. Our program focuses on helping children build a strong physical, intellectual and emotional skills that will help them at academic activities. So, you will see our teaching methods specifically designed to create an atmosphere that is effective and fun. you will also see your children happy, confident, more focused and sweaty toddlers who are eager to learn and want to keep coming back for more.

Q: Is it too early if my kid is 18 months to attend soccer lesson?
A: Our program is designed for toddlers since 18 months till 5 years old. Toddlers take particularly well to soccer because it combines so many of their developing skills in a fun way. Classes for this age group focus on building important basic skills such as balance and coordination. A variety of sensory activities such as blowing bubbles, playing with parachutes and building towers made out of cones are presented in a sequence that promotes skill development and cognitive mapping. BSS for Toddler is a great way to introduce kids to soccer and to develop your toddler’s physical, mental and social skills.

Q: What should my children wear?
A: Participants should wear comfortable clothes and socks, a sport shoes (no cleats) is required for 3+ years old. BSS for Toddler uniforms are available for you once you’ve joined us. Outfitting your child in BSS for Toddler garb is fun way to make your child feel part of a team. Children naturally appreciate a sense of belonging because they look like others in team.

Q: What kind of instructors do you have? Are they all licensed by some organization?
A: All BSS for Toddler coaches are carefully screened to ensure we provide quality, child-centered, high energy instruction. Each coach goes through a background check and rigorous training process, which includes child development training by a child psychologist.

Q: If my child is struggling in a class without parent on the field,is it okay for me to be on the field to help my child?
A: In this situation, we normally suggest you as a parents or the nanny to participate on the field with us. We have found that your participation provide a successful, long term solution for dealing with separation anxiety.

Q: Can I join a class in the middle of session?
A: Yes! We offer open enrollment, so that you can join us anytime and have your class fees prorated. This means that you pay only for the remaining class and not full session fee.

Q: Do you offer private classes?
A: Subject to field availability, we are open to creating private classes. We also provide another program such us Summer Camp/Holiday Camp, Collaboration Events, Field trip, Birthday Party and After School Activity.

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